Residence Permits

Residence permits vary depending on the conditions and laws of the respective countries. Residence permits are obtained considering the opportunities for real estate and commercial procedures. Our platform employs professional countries that are members of the platform to provide consultancy services in respect of real estate, finance, tourism, law and education. Our experts are available to assist you to get further details.


Work Permits

Our Immigration Invest platform may carry out the work permits after your application for residence permit or individually.

Work permits are obtained for different periods between 1 year and 3 years. Our platform acts on your behalf to arrange all type of bureaucratic procedures according to the respective laws and regulations of each country. Our consultants, who are experts in their respective fields, follow up and conclude the application procedures from A to Z on a turnkey basis.


Investment Consultancy

Our Immigration Invest platform also creates all financial instruments and commercial opportunities for the infrastructure of the company we have established in parallel with the procedures to obtain both residence permits and work permits.


This ensures that your expenses for the residence permits and work permits are paid back and, that additional income models are created. Our experts remain at your disposal for further information.


Tourism Consultancy and Logistics

Our Immigration Invest platform starts from your own home the organization of travels during the process to obtain residence permits and work permits, takes you and ensure that you arrive the respective country without any problem, arranges your transfers between the airports and where you will stay, provides logistics to the offices, where our professional staff carry out the process, the real estate you will purchase, the offices, where a company is to be established, and relevant official departments and, ensures that you complete this process in an easy and comfortable manner.


Extension of Work and Residence Permits

The Immigration Invest platform provides comprehensive consultancy services for those with Work Permits and/or Residence Permits to extent the validity periods thereof. It puts its experience and knowledge at your disposal in respect of what needs to be carried out and performed to meet the conformity criteria.


Real Estate Development and Purchase Consultancy

The Immigration Invest finds, purchases and acts on your behalf to manage the process thereof for the right real estate investment to obtain your Residence Permits and Work Permits accordingly. The Immigration Invest chooses what you will make investments out of such projects that ensure the returns of your investments (e.g. purchase of apartments, offices and/or buildings providing rental incomes).