Residence Permit in Latvia

Before the changes in the immigration law, there were some essential criteria to obtain a residence permit in the Schengen countries: family reunification (union of spouses, family reunifications of citizens of Latvia etc.), working and starting business, education etc. As per the changes in the Immigration Law that entered into force as of 01.07.2010, opportunities are provided to foreign investors with a certain amount of capital contributing to the development of economy of Latvia to obtain residence permits in a separate status. According to the new immigration legislation, the conditions to obtain a provisional residence permit in the Republic of Latvia are as follows:

In order to obtain a provisional residence permit up to 5 years, foreign nationals may;

File an application by means of contributing to the capital of a company in an amount not less than 36,000 Euros or establishing a company with a principal capital in that amount. However, the annual minimum tax amount to be paid by that company should not be less than Euro 40,000.

May file an application by means of contributing to the capital of a company in the amount of Euro 150,000. In such case, there is no requirement for a minimum amount of tax payment.

May file an application by means of investing in a Latvian bank as a secondary capital in an amount of at least Euro 300,000 (in the form of a secondary loan or secondary deed).

Why Latvia?

  • One of the leading countries among the developing countries.
  • Opportunity for unlimited movement within the EU countries since it is an EU country.
  • Provision of the fastest fiber internet infrastructure considered to be 10th position in the world.
  • Advantageous living expenses and low costs.
  • Tax advantages and incentives granted to those starting a new business.
  • High level of education and, the biggest universities that are mostly used for ERASMUS (exchange student programs).
  • Higher level of rental incomes in spite of low prices of real estate.

Why Us?

  • Experience of 41 years.
  • A team of experts residing in Latvia.
  • Turkish consultancy services in Latvia.
  • Full legal protection by the most respected lawyers of Latvia.
  • Title deed registrations, company establishments and transfer procedures through the most respected public notaries of Latvia.
  • Best tax restructuring through the most respected tax experts and accounting companies of Latvia.
  • Opening accounts and following up accounts within the shortest time possible through the most respected banks of Latvia.
  • Real estate among 3 special portfolios of projects from the most respected real estate companies of Latvia.
  • Free accommodation and reception services during your initial visit and procedures while you are in Latvia.
  • Uninterrupted support and consultancy during and after the process to obtain a residence permit.


  • – Residence permit for 5 years and then an extension of 5 years.
  • – Establishment of a new company
  • – All taxes
  • – All notary public fees
  • – All translation costs
  • – All business plans and file preparation
  • – All consultancy service fees
  • – All intermediacy fees
*Period: 15-30 days, Package price: Euro 310,000

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