Residence Permit in Greece

Some countries like Greece provide foreign nationals an opportunity to obtain a residence permit by means of acquiring real estate. According to the draft issued by the Greek Ministries of Finance and Development, a foreign national is granted a permit to reside in Greece for 5 years, if they have purchased real estate in Greece in the amount of at least Euro 250 thousand. There are of course some restrictions and conditions as set forth under this law.

The commercial value in Euro of the real estate, which is to be acquired or rented in Greece, should be at least USD 250,000. A citizen of third countries, who have obtained a long term visa (national visa) may apply for a residence permit in Greece.

A citizen of third countries, who is able to prove their intention to make investments in real estate in Greece or who has owned real estate therein or who has entered into a lease agreement in Greece for a hotel or furnished house for tourism purposes for a period of at least ten years, may be provided by the respective Greek Consulates a long term national vise for Greece.

Why Greece?

  • Rooted infrastructure of tourism.
  • One of the countries in Europe providing the most inexpensive cost of living.
  • Economy in an attempt to grow again.
  • Increasing market opportunities after the crisis.
  • Opportunity for unlimited movement within the EU countries with the support of the EU.
  • A compact structure and beautiful nature.
  • Warm-blooded and hospitable people since it is an Mediterranean country.
  • In a distance of 1-hour air travel to Turkey.
  • A neighbor of Turkey and easy to travel.

Why Us?

  • A team of experts residing in Greece.
  • Turkish consultancy services in Greece.
  • Full legal protection by the most respected lawyers of Greece.
  • Title deed registrations, company establishments and transfer procedures through the most respected public notaries of Greece.
  • Best tax restructuring through the most respected tax experts and accounting companies of Greece.
  • Opening accounts and following up accounts within the shortest time possible through the most respected banks of Greece.
  • Opportunities for 12,000 portfolios of real estate available through the most respected real estate companies of Greece.
  • Uninterrupted support and consultancy during and after the process to obtain a residence permit.


– Residence permit for 5 years and then an extension of 5 years.

– Establishment of a new company

– All taxes

– All notary public fees

– All translation costs

– All business plans and file preparation

– All consultancy service fees

– All intermediacy fees


*Period: 30 days, Package price: USD 310,000

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