Residence Permit in Germany

Assessment of a request for Residence Permits in Germany is based on the sensitivity of the applicant about the public security of Germany, their ties with the Federal Republic of Germany and, the residence period within the borders of Germany. In addition, the following issues are considered: the applicant’s job status, if they required permits for working in Germany, their knowledge of German, and their adaptation with the legal and social order of the Federal Republic of Germany.

A person may also be given a residence permit in Germany for educational purposes and due to union of marriage. A residence permit issued by the Foreigners Department after a citizen of a foreign country has entered Germany or extended thereby accordingly may be extended as per the pertinent provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.

Why Germany?

  • Unlimited ability for free movement within all the countries of the EUROPEAN UNION.
  • Highest level of safety of property.
  • A state of law.
  • Highest level of security of life and, police departments with the highest level of authorities in the world to maintain it.
  • Lawyers and Public Notaries granted with the highest level of authorities, holding the position of trustees.
  • Judicial system operating without any reserve. Strict criminal codes reducing the crime rate.
  • Inexpensive cost of living compared to many other countries, in spite of a higher quality of life.
  • Free education for children up to the age of 23.
  • Monthly cash allowances by the state for all children (189 Euros for each child).
  • Incentives and grants for those starting a new business.
  • Very high level of civilization and education.
  • English widely used throughout the country.

Why Us?

  • Experience of 41 years.
  • Residence packages providing an advantage of 80% reduction compared to those currently applying in Germany.
  • Residence permits that are provided with a guarantee for wages.
  • Flawless follow-up processes by a team of experts residing in Germany.
  • Consultancy services in Turkish.
  • Full legal protection by the most respected lawyers of Germany.
  • Title deed registrations, company establishments and transfer procedures through the most respected public notaries of Germany.
  • Best tax restructuring through the most respected tax experts and accounting companies of Germany.
  • Opening accounts and following up accounts within the shortest time possible through the most respected banks of Germany.
  • Opportunities for the best portfolios available through the most respected real estate companies of Germany.

By establishing company with a property asset we provide;

– Unlimited residence followed by a residence permit of 3 years

– Establishment of a new company

– All taxes

– All notary public fees

– All translation costs

– All business plans and file preparation

– All consultancy service fees

– All intermediacy fees


*Period: 6-8 weeks, Package price including property: 170,000 Euro

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    Uninterrupted support and consultancy during and after the process to obtain a residence permit.
    We find a job in Germany with a new wage of Euro 50,000 per year for those with a diploma of engineering, medicine and information, without the requirement to purchase real estate and, obtain a residence permit for them for a period of 22 months.
    Thereafter, unlimited residence permit maintained accordingly. We have a work permit and a residence permit issued with no condition for spouses.

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